Ludacris was bored during this video shoot

Smoke: My small city’s called Albany, Georgia.

Where is it you ask?

Shawn J: down in Dougherty County a small city called Albany, Georgia.

Yes. Once again I am bored in the Bany. I really miss the 24 hour things in Atlanta. You can go to the club any night of the week and Run N Shoot (Metro Fitness) is open 24 hours a day, so there is never a dull moment. Oh well. It is my choice to be in the Bany. The countdown is on until the great escape.

To the real topic…

How important is it to be friends first before deciding to take it to the next level? Most people say they want their mate to be their best friend. I think being friends first is one of the most important foundations when forming a relationship. You want to truly know who you are dating right? Maybe it’s just me. Let me know what you think


~ by dc1128 on October 10, 2007.

5 Responses to “G’Day”

  1. Well, being friends first is the greatest thing, until it falls apart. It hurts twice as much. Not only has your lover hurt you, but also your friend. So, pray that it never falls apart, or maybe it’s just me.

  2. I would presume that the risk would be doubled, but with greater risk comes a greater reward. Unless there is a totally bad breakup, you can always go back to being friends.

  3. I have never tried being friends first until now. It seems as though things are going great. That could, ultimately, be the reason why my past relationships never lasted. But now I can say that I have become friends with all my ex boyfriends; which feels pretty good, until they try to get back with me. Anyways, I do believe that being friends first is very important, but how do u turn a friendship into a relationship? How can you look at a “friend” and find that person to be your lover? Answer that!!

  4. I agree with friends first. I have jumped into many relationships without REALLY getting to know the person. And now I really don’t have time to be in a relationship and then get to know the person. If you go into the relationship knowing the person, then it should last a very long time. You know their ins and outs, what pisses them off easily and what turns them on immediately.

  5. I love talking about relationships and hearing of them and all that…I’m a regular Greg Barett…(who? lol) Anyway in my humble opinion friends is best and it’s even better when you add romance, but it really really really sucks if you two break up cause even if you want to try it’s just so hard to come back to the center where the friendship was. However, if you two were truly friends…then over time once you two have moved on I think it’s cool to be friends again…(sound familiar?)
    I think like this…life is waaaaaaay too short to play the guessing game…you make a choice and you don’t look back…experience has taught me that if you sit still you will miss out on so much wonderful things that life has to offer. Plus if you have a friend and it’s hard to get your mind off of being with them and you can’t see them with anyone else but you, you gotta find out if it’s mutual…my answer to everything (and it’s worked so far…whether I’ve failed or succeeded) go for it…the worst answer you can hear is no!

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