I love Field Mob but they talk funny

Does anyone want cotton candy from the fair? Does anyone want cotton candy from the fair?

Man I feel sorry for the earth around the year 2030. Whitney Houston said, ” I believe that children are the future…” well obviously she was not talking about these kids of today. Since I am new at the high school the thing I hear daily… “You IZ tall!”. I reply, “Yes I am tall. You IZ in the 12th grade iz you?” I must say the educational system in southwest Georgia is already in hell in the handbasket. I do my best, but I can’t save them all. I remember during my first 3 months working at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Albany I had to have a translator present because I could not understand the kids and the kids could not understand me. I have grown to understand some parts of the Albanian language but there are some things I still do not understand. Maybe you can help me…

What is a billy bowl? What is a comprehensive high school? Did you need some eye water?

If you are an educator here do not attempt to call roll by the children’s first name because you will go home with a migrane. Here are a few examples for you: Cjambrika, X’Zavia, D’Zyre, Bornunique, Wonderful, Kavosie (pronounced Courvoisier), Rude (Rudy), and Demon. I’ve learned that any kid whose name ends in -avious might as well be named the last name listed because that is how he will act. For those aspiring teachers who think it’s gravy because you get the summer off I have 4 words for you, “DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!”


~ by dc1128 on October 17, 2007.

One Response to “I love Field Mob but they talk funny”

  1. It is not just the educational system in Southwest Georgia it is Georgia period! Can you imagine my horror everyday when these delinquent kids come to court and cannot even form complete sentences??? Even the “high achievers” are ill spoken and it is truly sad. But the saddest part is that when we get statements from teachers, coaches, and sometimes administrators they are misspelled, no predicate-verb association, noun-verb agreement…NOTHING!!!! Some of the educators are wrong. I think the only way to correct it is to demand excellence…..make them speak proper English at all times…there is a time for slang and it is not in school.

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