Last call for cotton candy

Last call for cotton candy

No I didn’t go out after homecoming. Sorry to be a party pooper but I’m not one to get excited about the annual event. For starters, I am not a party person and I am not really concerned about being seen. Since my sophomore year of college I have developed this logic that the people I see in the club are the same people that I cafeteria; they just have on a different costume. I apply this theory to going out after the game as these are the same people I saw in the cafeteria and the same people I saw at the game just with a different costume. I am not interested in rekindling any old flames because there weren’t any.

Reason #2: I am beyond the club stage… especially in Albany. As I approach my 28th birthday, I am realizing that I am too old to YULE!!! I am becoming more and more content with being and armchair quarterback rather than being amongst the crowd.

Reason #3: I am trying to change my evil ways to align myself with who GOD wants me to be. If I go out to the club, I will walk in with a lustful eye. There is something about a bouncing C cup that seems to hold my attention. The Bible says we sin by thought, word, and deed and while I will not be saying anything and definitely not doing the deed, my thoughts will be something like, “Those would go great with some strawberry topping. I already see the cherry on top.”

Sooo instead of going out… I am here typing this. I hope my boys are having fun. Because I try to be inspirational, I’ll leave you with this: A picture is worth a thousand words but Polo Ralph Lauren costs…$35,000? dsc00800.jpg


~ by dc1128 on October 28, 2007.

One Response to “Last call for cotton candy”

  1. What’s up, David? I just wanted to say that this blog was very well-written. Like you, I don’t go to clubs anymore. I’m 27-yrs-old (turning 28 in March), I don’t drink anymore and I have no desire to be in that kind of environment. I love to dance, but I can do that (and have more fun) at home. lol

    I’ve never really been involved with any Homecoming festivities – even in high school. Sometimes, I go to the parade downtown, but that’s about it. I admire your wanting to be more mature, responsible and seeking the person within that God wants you to be. Refraining from situations where you know temptation exists is a huge step and I’m proud for you.

    I wish there were more guys like you out there. You’re a genuine soul.

    Take care,

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