Few Hallow’s Eve

Yum DipPop RocksRemember these?

What happened to Halloween? I remember when I was a kid 5 years ago we used to go trick or treating and have 2 sacks full of candy. Halloween was a big deal to me and to preserve the tradition for the next generation, I go all out for Halloween. Last year, when I lived in the “hood”, I purchased $20 worth of candy and gave it all out in an hour and a half. Now that I have moved on up to the eastside, in a deluxe townhouse in the sky, I figured more kids would come through so I spent $30 for candy and $10 on decorations (I put up props and things to scare the kids. I get my money’s worth in laughter.) ONE KID CAME BY ALL NIGHT! Despite scaring the crap out of her, I didn’t feel as though I got my money’s worth this year. Where did all the kids go? What has happened to Halloween? As I stare at this lump of dum-dums and sweetarts I will not let this year kill my spirit.


~ by dc1128 on November 9, 2007.

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