Trick Luv da Kids

traditional teacher garb Why do teachers wear these horrid sweaters?

Today I volunteered to read to kindergarten kids because I know the importance of children seeing a black male role model other than Lil Wayne or Jay-Z. Plus I hope they remember my face when I run for senator. This school was more like the school that I am used to. The kindergarten teachers were mostly older women dressed like the woman in the picture. Mind you, for the past two years I worked at an elementary school that was more like a prison… no talking at lunch, no talking in class, no recess, and no talking during phys ed. Needless to say the kids had very low social skills and 95% of their vocabulary consisted of “you’re stupid”, “nappy head”, and “shut up”. At this school I visited today, the teachers were very caring and gave positive encouragement to the children. There was no screaming in the hallway even though that 5th grade girl kept YULE-ING in the back of the line. The difference in these schools are like hot and cold. I encourage parents to visit their child’s school during school hours to see what is really going on. You will be surprised and all elementary schools are not created equal.

Anyways, I read to the kindergarten classes a book entitled Do Squirrels Swarm. I asked the children who know what swarm means and they didn’t know so I kept it simple and said it meant group. I did the same for the word pack, and huddle. I asked them what does colony mean, one kindergarten girl said, “a group of of settlers ruled by a king.” I thought to myself ‘dang you are good’ but I kept it simple and told the rest of them it meant group. To sum it up, the kids learned new words, I had fun, and I can’t wait to do it again next Friday!


~ by dc1128 on November 9, 2007.

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