Do you ever watch The Boondocks?

At the advice of the 2 Live Stews, I decided to check out the new season of the Boondocks. I have heard them hype it up before and I watched half an episode early last year. I was turned off halfway through the episode due to the extensive use of the “N” bomb. So one night I flipped through the channels because college basketball was not on the tele yet, and I decided to give the show another try. I’m glad I did because it was hekka funny but it had a message to it. The show actually addresses the social ills and situations plaguing black America. For example, the Busta Rhymes character says a paragraph worth of babbling that does not make sense but he always ends it saying, “Ya know what I’m sayin?”. Here in Albany, about 40% of the people here do the same thing. There was another episode where Granddad met this woman on the internet who turned out to be a jujitsu champion and 100% crazy. Through an experience or four, I can say that happens in real life too. Monday nights at 23:30 I will be parked enfrente de tele, watching cartoon network.


~ by dc1128 on November 26, 2007.

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