To My Chagrin…

Run N Shoot isn’t the same This is Run N Shoot at 4:30 P.M. This used to be peak hours and now it is a ghost town.

I took a visit to the Metro Fitness (formerly known as Run N Shoot) after my two year hiatus in Albany. Mind you, this was my FAVORITE place in Atlanta. It was nothing for me to spend eleven consecutive hours in that building. The first thing I noticed was there was a skate center and bowling alley attached to the center. I went inside and noticed the same people working at the desk and managing the building that used to work there when I was a daily consumer. They were nice enough to let me tour the building and I strolled through the premises. The weight room was new, and the aerobic room and barber shop were the same. Everything was the same except for the hooping section. There used to be seven full courts with each one filled to capacity with bouncing balls and stifling defense. Now it has been reduced to four courts with not a bouncing ball on any one of them. I asked a patron where did the crowd go and he told me the left when the courts left. It is still the 24 hour gym with the dynamic weight room, exercise room, and low prices, minus the hoopers.

I was really looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night to go hoop at the Shoot. I used to wake up at 2 am and hoop until 6 or 7 A.M. In fact, I have been watching basketball all day and now I have urge to go hoop but unfortunately in the Bany, everything closes at 9p.m. I will do my best to get everyone back at the Shoot. I loved the competition and the people I met there.


~ by dc1128 on December 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “To My Chagrin…”

  1. First of all, I had no idea there was a Barber shop in Run N Shoot!

  2. Hey there is another 24 hr one on the other side of ATL…Maybe folks are going there now…I played there…the comp was off the chain, guys and girls

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