Oil and water do not mix

Dave, the good Samaritan, went to help one of his coworkers move her furniture due to an unfortunate event in her life. Dave and this coworker had different opinions on everything mostly because Dave is a city boy and she is a country girl. For example, Dave believes in equals rights and women’s independence while she believes a man should do all the manual labor. Well Dave works hard and he has fun while working hard so to others it mights seem like Dave goofs off. So all day, Dave is moving dressers, lifting couches, and whistling while he works. So everything has been moved and it did not seem right because there is too much harmony going on but Mt. Saint Helens eventually blows its top. They get the last couch in the storage unit and they argue about putting the lock on the door. Dave is already in the truck, seatbelt connected and ready to ride and she wants him to lock the storage door. Dave states that she already has the lock and key in her hand and she should do it so we can go. She states that a man should do the manual labor and Dave says that since you already have the stuff in hand and you are 1 step from the door, you can do it expeditiously. Well those two argue about the door for about 6 minutes and she finally puts the lock in the door. They argue all the way back home. She says “A man is supposed to do all the manual labor” and Dave fires back, “Susan B. Anthony stood up for women’s rights and equality between genders.”

So is Dave incorrect about his thoughts about equality for women? Is a man really supposed to do all the manual labor? What happened to “All the women, independent, throw your hands up at me.”? Someone please enlighten me on this subject.


~ by dc1128 on December 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “Oil and water do not mix”

  1. Oh good gravy. Tell her to stop being lazy and understand that locking a door is not so much “manual labor.” I could say more choice words but I will leave it at this: It is -always- quicker to do it yourself than to wait around for someone else to do it.

  2. I agree with Erica. The first thing I thought of when I read this was that she’s lazy. Not only that, but it sounds like she’s spoiled, as well. Any woman who thinks a man should do all of the work is someone who is used to having everything be done FOR her, handed to her on a silver platter. That usually means that the person is also selfish, egotistical and controlling since all of these characteristics survive together.

    I can understand the mindset that some women have in that a man is supposed to wear the pants in the house, make the money while the woman stays at home, etc. That mentality, however, just supports what I mentioned above.

    To answer your question, no, you weren’t incorrect.

  3. I think that, in general, she has the wrong attitude toward the equality between men and women. However, considering the unfortunate event that took place, she has every right to be selfish and lazy. But being from the country, explains the mentality that she has; it was probably what she was born and raised witnessing with her mother and father.
    Anyways, enough about her(cannot pass judgement). In this day and age, many women do not even need a man in her life to provide for her and may men do not want a woman who is dependent on him. They want one who is “INDEPENDENT” as Boosie and Lil Webbie would say!! LOL!!

  4. I just thought the story was funny…lol….you already know the answer to that question, good story though. That young lady, just saw how big and strong you are and wanted to be babied…you already know if she did not have you…or someone else she would’ve moved all that stuff herself, no problems or complaints and would’ve felt proud of herself for doing it!…sometimes chicks are like that…so let me ask you since she had that point of view did she cook dinner? 😀

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