For richer or for poorer?

rich house or poor house

This question is for anyone really. Would you rather have a poor faithful spouse or marry a rich infidel? I would not want to sway anyone’s answer so I will post my answer in a week.


~ by dc1128 on December 29, 2007.

6 Responses to “For richer or for poorer?”

  1. I would prefer to marry the poor faithful spouse than be rich and miserable. I dont believe money can buy you sustained happiness, but rather temporary highs at the point of purchase. I believe in laughing everyday and enjoying the one you are with and loving them unconditionally. At the same time, I do know that having less money will cause problems, but when two people are together and love each other, they can overcome anything. I just cant imagine a life married to someone who doesn’t love or care about me and who steps outside of the marriage. All I know is that when I grow old, I want memories of the people I loved thoughout my lifetime, not of the things I liked. So I would marry a poor faithful man, that is, if those were my only two options!!!

  2. it really sucks to be poor…it sucks worse to be in a relationship with no respect…pain and no peace of mind. not that it matters but with a poor man you two can work together for the mulah…with a rich a-hole if you arent loving one another what are you building?..lovelessness and raising some sad kids! welp my answer is the poor guy since im poor we have much to talk about!

  3. Well, while money is nice, I make my own so I would rather have the love of a poor man then the money of a rich man. We can build our wealth together. I can’t rebuild my pride stayin with a man who doesn’t really love me.

  4. Marrying rich gets you money, status and power but not much else that a good loving heart desires. Not that I want to be poor, but being with someone who will struggle with me to make our dreams reality is a powerful thing. That bond is strong and that love is real and that’s what gets you through. So bring on Mr. Poor Man.

  5. i would like to change my answer…at first the way the question was asked it seemed an either or issue…it bothered me though…some time ago i got outta something that had to do with money…dude didnt have a dime…but i did…i had a lot of love for him and was helping him reach his goals and he actually goton the right track, we were headed torwards what i thought was a good future…turned out once this guy met someone who i guess had more to offer financially he bounced…since then i’ve wondered would i ever talk to a dude down on his luck…i dont think so…i dont want a rich bastard either…if your with a poor guy…you may start wonder why he’s with you…you just gotta know his heart…my answer is i dont want the rich infidel but i dont want the poor and pitiful who you feel like you gotta save. i know a lot of men who dont want the gold digger but who also dont want the uneducated chick on welfare either…i’m saying the same. sorry if that messes up the question big d.

  6. Personally, I would rather have the poor faithful wife. In my eye, money does not amount to happiness. In the Bible, Job was a very rich guy and had everything. He lost it all in the span of a few days. If the relationship was built on finances the what happens when those finances evaporate? Like the great philosopher Raekwon the Chef said, “In the blink of an eye it’s gone.” I would rather have a relationship built on fun and trust rather than a depreciable asset.

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