Southern Inhospitality

I’ve been having an issue with the Dekalb County Recorder’s Court. I got a ticket back in 2004, paid it a month after I got it and now they are putting a warrant out for my arrest. I sent in the bank statement stating where I paid and from out of no where they say you have another ticket that you didn’t pay. When I call up there, I get switched from one line to another and eventually I end up at square one and they get rude with me because their coworkers sent me back to them.

I see other people have had problems with Dekalb County Recorders Court:

Another incident I had with Dekalb County was when I called the school to ask about their opening at the school counselor position. The lady was rude, cut my sentences short and hung up on me. If the adults are that nasty then imagine how the kids must be? That was a total turn off and I will not apply to work over there.

The third incident was when I called the sheriff’s office asking for some information. They diverted me to another number. I dialed the second number and they stated that I need to call the sheriff’s office. I told the secretary that the sheriff’s office referred me to your department. She got loud and flustered and exclaimed, ” I don’t know why they sent you here that is their issue!” So being the calm, respectful person that I am, I simply said thank you and called the first number again. This time when the sheriff’s secretary answered you would have thought something negative about her. “What the hell they sent you back over here fa?” I never received an answer to my question or even pointed towards the right direction.

I brought these cases up to ask this question; What happened to professionalism and customer service? Why does everyone have an attitude at work? If you hate your job, QUIT! You will be replaced before you can say “Anbesol” Be happy you are employed. Join the 7.7 million of us that are unemployed and actively seeking work. I’m sure after a few months of unemployment you with be singing a different tune. I always taught the students to treat others how you would want them to treat you. I told the high school kids to be nice to people working in the drive through because they are making your food and they have the ability to do some nasty things to your whopper meal (my first job was at Burger King and I have seen it happen). Am I wrong for still believing these old fashioned principles or should I just get with the program and be an angry african-american man for no reason?


~ by dc1128 on January 15, 2008.

One Response to “Southern Inhospitality”

  1. wow is all i can say…and to the other guys double wow…that was painful to read…”treat others how you want to be treated” is the truest statement ever said…if those folks in the hr dept taking their sweet time to read a resume or an application would just take a 30 second moment to put themselves in the applicants shoes they would spend more time actually doing their job instead of “chillin” on myspace and chatting online! yeah i have proof of this very activity but since i want to work their i am not taking any chances tellin that story…(their always watching)…great blog keep it up!

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