The apocalypse has to be near

Geez. Where are our priorities?  There are millions of people starving and dying of AIDS but e-commerce is more important.

“Hey lets put this fiber optic cable over there.”

“Between those two corpses?”

“No. In between those three to the left.”


~ by dc1128 on January 15, 2008.

One Response to “The apocalypse has to be near”

  1. hi, i read the article and i can understand the indignation, but at the same time the connection of the internet and communications to african regions can provide growth in countries that are so far behind and also may give rise to their economy. that connection may also bring those who would help closer to the issues and problems going on out their. i know that many companies probably have evil intent for such a project but what the devil meant for bad God means for good…

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