Material Guy

It all started like this:

I was all uptight over the fact that my car started acting funny.  I was a week away from putting it up for sale for $4k.  Every day someone asks me for a selling price.  They always conclude the convo by saying, “that mofo is clean.”  It had been 2 days and I still could not figure out the issue.  I was all depressed because in the process, I acquired a major dent in the hood and the whole hood will need replacing.  Mom tried to cheer me up but to little avail.

But it ended like this:

Suddenly, I got a phone call about a serious family situation that just taken place.   My priorities were instantly put into perspective as I forgot all about my whip.  GOD put me in my place by showing me that material things will come and go while non tangible assets, such as love and family, are far more important.

I can get a hood at a junkyard for $100 anyway.


~ by dc1128 on January 23, 2008.

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