Proud Pa

As a coach, you always want your players to be successful at the next level. You constantly keep tabs on former players while planting a foundation for the new ones. A good coach uses this to his advantage by having his former players come back and speak to the new ones, giving the younger guys a goal in which to exceed. Many parents believe that if you don not make the NBA, then your hoop career is over. This is so opposite of the truth as you can still play domestically and overseas and earn a six to seven figure salary. I have been lucky to coach some great players in high school and college. Here are some that are still playing: Rod Mitchell, Frank Pinson, John Thomas, Yandel Brown, Deshawn Bowman, Kendrick Jones, Akeem Francis, Steve Robinson, and Jonqueveilin Turpin. Besides these players there are many who are not hooping but they are still professional businessman, fathers, and protectors of our democracy. These guys are the reason I am proud to be a coach (*giving the Terrell Owens lip quiver*).


~ by dc1128 on February 20, 2008.

One Response to “Proud Pa”

  1. That was a cool article and wonderful to see that you have such an impact and love for your peoples…you seem so young yourself but i guess never too young to have a legacy.

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