Which CP3?

I have been an avid basketball fan every since I started coaching.  Most people do not like women’s basketball because they rarely dunk.  I prefer watching WNBA over the NBA any day because the referees allow the women’s game to be far more physical than the NBA.  The NBA started to fall off with me when the took away the handchecking rule and started calling flagrant fouls.  I have a dislike for the NBA and their globalization scheme but that is a whole ‘nother posting.

Anyways, Candace Parker decided to forgo her senior year of college basketball and put her name is the WNBA draft.  This is an unprecedented move in women’s college basketball and I’m sure there will be others to do so in the future.  She will without a doubt be the number one pick in the draft.  I am a dunking fanatic and she is the first woman I have seen dunk in a half court set.  She has a nice game and is an excellent dunker, but I do not think she is the best player in college basketball.

There is another CP3 by the name of Courntey Paris that plays for the Oklahoma Sooners.  She puts up ridiculous numbers on a nightly basis and has a streak of straight 89 or 90 double-doubles.   She averaged 22 and 15 as a frosh, 24 and 16 as a sophomore and 19 and 15 this year all while shooting 60% from the field.  Yes her numbers and a few points down this year but only because this year the starting power forward is her twin sister!  

If I were to start a new WNBA franchise right now, from a business sense I would take Parker because her dunks would fill the stands, but as a coach I would take Paris first.  Maybe I am biased because I prefer the bruiser type post player like myself over the finesse type player.


~ by dc1128 on February 21, 2008.

One Response to “Which CP3?”

  1. yeah Candace better get her money when she can…there’s a youngin coming up 6’8 and can ball on all counts…from what i know shes untouchable…she’s only 17 too? Man I look forward to following her career!

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