Why did I do that?

Last week, I got a call for a counselor position that I applied for the day before. The HR lady was like we are having interviews Friday, which time slot would you prefer? I said 3:00 pm will be a great time. She said, “I will see you there. Bye.” I should be zealous about the call and eager to interview but there is one issue… It is 100 miles away and I have no gas or funds. I was thinking to myself, “what did I just agree to do?” Within the hour, I had money coming in from two unexpected sources. I had enough to get there, get back and fill up for the week.

>>Side note: I am using the free wifi in Krystal’s and this little girl is awful. She is about 2 and telling her mom what to do and running away. No this is not a Caucasian family as they are of African descent. The daughters vocabulary is lacking as she is saying ju-ju for juice and a few other words that 10 month olds would say. The mom is just cursing at the girl and not disciplining her. Now when the kids gets 6 or 7 the mom is going to wonder why the kid cannot read or pass the CRCT. Teachers do not own magic wands but we have to do our best with what we have.

I have been unemployed for a minute but I have not missed a meal. Many time I did not know how I would make ends meet but the bills get paid and I have gas to make it to my scheduled appointments. Is it luck? fate? Neither! GOD knows how much you can bear and as T.I. said, “HE won’t bring you to what HE can’t bring you through.” I have faith that even though I have not lived the most debt free and extravagant life that GOD has something better in store for me if I am patient. I know I will be tested to measure my amount of faith through hard time similar to the one I’m having now. I know I must keep the faith because better days are on the horizon. 🙂


~ by dc1128 on March 5, 2008.

One Response to “Why did I do that?”

  1. That’s that step out on faith type stuff right there…you do the work and God looks at you and says…wow what faith, what belief…I’m gonna make a way for you!!…I enjoy reading your words, keep it up…it’s always inspiring!

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