HBCU’s need to get it together…

I have had some recent run-ins with some historically black colleges and universities lately. If you did not know I have been attending Albany State University for the past 1000 years seeking a master’s of education. It is a 36 hour program so if I took 6 hours a semester, I would finish in 6 semesters right? So if I started summer of 2005 I would be finish the spring of 2007 correct? So as spring 2008 passes I still have not finished. Let me tell you why…

I took 9 hours per semester hoping to finish faster. No one advises me the that one class has 4 prerequisites and the others do not. So I had to wait an extra semester to take the first part of student teaching. Okay so I complete the first part of student teaching in the spring. The second part isn’t offered until the fall. So the summer semester is lost time except for passing the state examination. Soooo… fall 2007 begins and I complete the internship doing double the amount of hours I was required to complete. I prepare to take the comprehensive examination, and after hearing 10 times, “if you can pass the state test, then you can pass the comprehensive exams”, I am really not studying because the state exam was easy. The exam is comprehensive, who fails a comprehensive exam? Well I guess I was the first. I want to find out the parts I failed and no one is around to explain why I failed but I am told I can retake it in mid-February. In December 2007, I watch my friends and coworkers graduate from Troy State after completing their program in a 1.5 years.

So mid-January hits and no information is posted about the comprehensive exam. On February 5th I call the office of education and the secretary informs me that no test date has been set. So I hear from some classmates that it has been moved to March. So finally an official e-mail come out with the test date of March 22nd, around mid-February. I get there take the test and receive a rubric post facto. Well gee, that really tells me how pass the exam. So a month passes and I still do not know the results. I get a letter in the mail on April 23rd stating I need to write three or four 5-page papers over this that and this, due April 24th. So i get a call that evening from the department head saying I can do something over the phone. So we agree for me to call at 530pm to handle that situation. I’m stressing and studying trying to refresh my brain for the test. I get off work, call at 530 and she says, it’s too late. I had to turn the grades in at 3. The only thing I can do is blah blah blah and you can finish over the summer. If I wasn’t a Christian I would have blasted her right then and there but Shirley Ceasar said to hold my mule. Still no one has explained why I did not pass or given me a guide to passing. Do you wanna know the irony of the situation? I provided my classmates with the study guide to pass the test and they passed it. They always come to me for information and ask me about counseling. Do you smell that? Yeah I smell that same rat. If I become a counselor I will steer my students towards another school.

The second run in came with Clark Atlanta University. I went in for an interview for a financial aid position. and met everyone in the office. I interviewed with the director, the team, and a group of big wigs from CAU. I thought the interview went well because he gave me the wink and the gun. He told me I would have to come back to sign some paperwork and meet with the president of blah blah blah and be ready to start on April 7th. So I’m telling everyone I will be working at CAU in financial aid. So April 1st comes and no call, no e-mail. April 4th comes and still no contact. April 7th, 8th, 12th passes and nada. They were not professional enough to e-mail me to say I did not get the job. I recommend them to no one.

I had a road rage incident where I shouted at the other driver. My daughter said, “Daddy, why do you yell at your own people?” I replied, “Your own people are the ones that do you the worst.” These incidents are not dispelling that theory.


~ by dc1128 on April 24, 2008.

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