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I have been big on conspiracy theories every since a guy told me that man did not walk on the moon.  This is a string of theories about the events leading to now and some things that might occur soon.  I cannot take credit for writing this as I took it off of a myspace blog.


– The Federal Reserve Bank scammed President Woodrow Wilson into signing the Federal Reserve Act during Congress’s Christmas break of 1913. This act stopped the US from creating its own money and converted it to a national fiat system. Later described by Woodrow Wilson as the greatest deception played against the country and was very regretful. This act is also unconstitutional, since the constitution clearly states it is congress’s responsibility to create money (Art. 1, Sec 8 of the US Constitution). [Source: America: Freedom to Fascism ]

– In the same year, the fraud that is known as the IRS was created. According to US District Court Judge James C. Fox in 2003 the 16th Amendment was never fully ratified. It was passed when most of Congress was out for Christmas break and then the lie was passed on to the states to institute the tax. This tax has been proven unconstitutional many times over yet is still imposed on the American people. [Source: America: Freedom to Fascism]

– In 1963 President Kennedy signed into law Executive Order 11110, which ended the Federal Reserve control of American currency. This was never revoked nor amended, which adds to the illegality of the Federal Reserve Act. Kennedy was of course assassinated shortly afterwards before this could be widely implemented. [Source: ]

– As shown in the movie Sicko by Michael Moore, President Nixon, on Feb. 17, 1971, had a meeting with Edgar Kaiser about HMOs. Mr. Kaiser demonstrated to Nixon that the HMO would offer less health care for more money in order to make a larger profit. Nixon then proposed this plan on Feb. 18, 1971 to the American people as the best health care in the world for our country.

– George H. W. Bush, in a speech to congress on March 6, 1991, called for a New World Order to be formed. “Now we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is a very real prospect of a new world order.” [Source: ]

– Thomas Donnelly was the director of Lockheed Martin and a member of the Committee on Armed Services. He wrote a document in Sept of 2000 called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” in which he called for a new Pearl Harbor to change our policies in America. [Source: page 63]

– This brings us to the greatest deception we have seen in modern times, September 11, 2001. This is the day that US government betrayed its own people and murdered 3000 of its own citizens in a pretext for war with other countries. Here are a few of the discrepancies of that day.

A) First of all, jet fuel does not burn slow and hot as they would have you believe. It actually burns fast and at cooler temperatures.

B) Steel structures have never fallen due to fire only, yet three did on 9-11. They also would not have fallen symmetrically as they did on 9-11.

C) WTC7 was a 47 story skyscraper that housed the FBI, NSA, IRS and many others. This building was not hit by a plane and yet it collapsed into its own foot print just like the WTC1 & 2 towers. Again, steel structures don’t fall like this due to fire.

D) On Sept. 10th, the White House announced that they could not account for $2 trillion!! However we have not heard one word of this since Sept. 11th and conveniently these records were housed in WTC7!

E) Firefighters, police officers, and many other eyewitnesses report seeing lower floors of the towers decimated by what looked to be explosions. These would not have been caused by planes hitting the upper floors.

F) Many of these discrepancies have been pointed out by engineers and architects. They have a group that is looking for a new investigation (www.ae911truth.org

This single event was the catalyst to removing liberties from Americans. It also was the lie that led us to unjust wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Laws like the Patriot Acts 1 & 2, and unlawful wiretapping and spying on American citizens would never have been tolerated without this event. The investigation was a farce. The group was controlled by the White House and hand picked by the White House. Many of the aspects they should have investigated, they did not. President Bush and his administration would not even testify under oath to this committee. This was worse than the Warren Commission. [Source: among many others]

– Dick Cheney, the man truly in charge of the White House, is still trying to go to war with Iran. He has suggested that we paint our boats like Iranian boats and fire on our own ships to start war ( ).


Lindsey Williams is a pastor that worked as a chaplain in the Alaskan oil fields during the 1970s. He became very close with the oil executives that worked there and was privy to top secret meetings that they held there. He has since come into more knowledge about recent and future events from these same people. On July 28, 2008 he was on the Alex Jones radio show and said that he spoke to his oil executive contact 7 weeks prior. During this conversation it was revealed to him that their plans included plunging crude oil to $50/barrel by opening up two unknown oil fields in Indonesia and Russia. On July 24th, Fox news reported there was a new HUGE oil reserve found in north Russia (,2933,390441,00.html ). The reasons he was given for these actions were to decimate the Middle East (especially Iran) and to bankrupt the dollar.

“Hawkeye” is a secret government agent whistleblower that has leaked reliable information to the website . This website is very thorough in checking the credibility of their sources before releasing any info they get from these sources. It is for this reason that we take this information very seriously! He has recently released some very valuable information regarding very near future events, like the following:

A) He describes the first 10 days of October as the beginning of a “massive hurricane of events” with financial and social ramifications.

B) These events could bring the suspension of the November elections and a form of martial law (which would suspend the Constitution).

C) The Rothschild’s (powerful elite bankers) want to end the US as we know it in order to form the North American Union (NAU).

D) The real reason for attacking Iran will be to dismantle them because they stand in the way of the formation of the Asian Union.

E) Pay close attention to the Georgia/Russia war as this could be the beginning of a major war, possibly World War III.

Juval Aviv is a former Israeli Mossad agent (Israel’s CIA). He informed the US government of his knowledge of the 9-11 attacks a month before it occurred. Although 9-11 was orchestrated by high officials in our government, he was only privy to the lower end of the plans which did not include the details of the conspiracy. He also informed Great Britain’s government a week before the London bombings that they would occur. He is now releasing information about possible new attacks on the US. He is now stating there will be a simultaneous attack on 5-8 major cities and rural areas in the next couple of months. The US’s response to these attacks will be to attack Iran and Syria before Bush leaves office. [Source: ]


There are three people stating that a major catastrophic event will occur prior to the election. This will result in the collapse of the dollar, possible suspension of the elections, possible declaration of martial law and various unjust wars (most likely with Russia or Iran). All of these events could lead to the collapse of the US and better pave the way to the formation of the North American Union, which includes the countries of Mexico, US, and Canada. Preparation for the NAU have already started via the formation of the NAFTA superhighway (runs from Mexico all the way to Canada), the inland port of Mexico is in central Kansas and the formation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which is the first major step in the formation of the NAU. We know that this is all a lot to take in all at once. Please don’t simply take our word for it, take the time to investigate this for yourself. You can follow the links that we have provided. We truly believe our sources to be credible and sincere. Here are a few other topics that you may wish to investigate. These can easily be researched via Google or Youtube. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on anything presented here.

Additional Thoughts of Interest:

– Why do we have relaxed borders in these high security times?

– There are many unlawful police state activities such as surveillance cameras, free speech zones, unlawful search & seizures, and license plate scanners.

– Why is Congress failing to perform their Constitutional duties by failing to bring in witnesses that have been subpoenaed and challenging the president and his attempts to expand his powers?

– Why is the government infringing heavily on our 2nd amendment right?

– Does the government have weaponized Avian Flu that could create a pandemic of epic proportions?

– Why do we have so many FEMA prison camps in this country? Who are they for? Search REX 84
Websites for more information:


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