The Vice Presidential Debate

“Gosh darnit Joe you done gone and done it again”  Palin stated.    If you saw it you noticed the anecdotes Palin used to be inconspicuous of suspected rehearsed answers.  I’m hekka sleepy so I will keep this short and sweet.  Can anyone tell me McCain’s exit strategy?  Did it appear that she dodged several questions?  Why did she keep harping on taxes and energy?  Zzz…  at least Bidden answered the questions…zzz

Okay I will leave you with this note:

Here is a way you can tell Palin is not in touch  with America,  “…hockey mom’s of America…”  Are they hockey mom’s in Florida?  How many hockey players are in Virginia?  How many hockey mom’s do you know?

Here is the Katie Couric interview that you may have missed it:



~ by dc1128 on October 3, 2008.

One Response to “The Vice Presidential Debate”

  1. Ahh your last blog was on my birthday…what no shout out? Lol…it’s time you got back at it sir, I look forward to reading what a smart, funny, and oh so handsome man like yourself has to say…

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