Why did I do that?

•March 5, 2008 • 1 Comment

Last week, I got a call for a counselor position that I applied for the day before. The HR lady was like we are having interviews Friday, which time slot would you prefer? I said 3:00 pm will be a great time. She said, “I will see you there. Bye.” I should be zealous about the call and eager to interview but there is one issue… It is 100 miles away and I have no gas or funds. I was thinking to myself, “what did I just agree to do?” Within the hour, I had money coming in from two unexpected sources. I had enough to get there, get back and fill up for the week.

>>Side note: I am using the free wifi in Krystal’s and this little girl is awful. She is about 2 and telling her mom what to do and running away. No this is not a Caucasian family as they are of African descent. The daughters vocabulary is lacking as she is saying ju-ju for juice and a few other words that 10 month olds would say. The mom is just cursing at the girl and not disciplining her. Now when the kids gets 6 or 7 the mom is going to wonder why the kid cannot read or pass the CRCT. Teachers do not own magic wands but we have to do our best with what we have.

I have been unemployed for a minute but I have not missed a meal. Many time I did not know how I would make ends meet but the bills get paid and I have gas to make it to my scheduled appointments. Is it luck? fate? Neither! GOD knows how much you can bear and as T.I. said, “HE won’t bring you to what HE can’t bring you through.” I have faith that even though I have not lived the most debt free and extravagant life that GOD has something better in store for me if I am patient. I know I will be tested to measure my amount of faith through hard time similar to the one I’m having now. I know I must keep the faith because better days are on the horizon. 🙂


Which CP3?

•February 21, 2008 • 1 Comment

I have been an avid basketball fan every since I started coaching.  Most people do not like women’s basketball because they rarely dunk.  I prefer watching WNBA over the NBA any day because the referees allow the women’s game to be far more physical than the NBA.  The NBA started to fall off with me when the took away the handchecking rule and started calling flagrant fouls.  I have a dislike for the NBA and their globalization scheme but that is a whole ‘nother posting.

Anyways, Candace Parker decided to forgo her senior year of college basketball and put her name is the WNBA draft.  This is an unprecedented move in women’s college basketball and I’m sure there will be others to do so in the future.  She will without a doubt be the number one pick in the draft.  I am a dunking fanatic and she is the first woman I have seen dunk in a half court set.  She has a nice game and is an excellent dunker, but I do not think she is the best player in college basketball.

There is another CP3 by the name of Courntey Paris that plays for the Oklahoma Sooners.  She puts up ridiculous numbers on a nightly basis and has a streak of straight 89 or 90 double-doubles.   She averaged 22 and 15 as a frosh, 24 and 16 as a sophomore and 19 and 15 this year all while shooting 60% from the field.  Yes her numbers and a few points down this year but only because this year the starting power forward is her twin sister!  

If I were to start a new WNBA franchise right now, from a business sense I would take Parker because her dunks would fill the stands, but as a coach I would take Paris first.  Maybe I am biased because I prefer the bruiser type post player like myself over the finesse type player.

Proud Pa

•February 20, 2008 • 1 Comment

As a coach, you always want your players to be successful at the next level. You constantly keep tabs on former players while planting a foundation for the new ones. A good coach uses this to his advantage by having his former players come back and speak to the new ones, giving the younger guys a goal in which to exceed. Many parents believe that if you don not make the NBA, then your hoop career is over. This is so opposite of the truth as you can still play domestically and overseas and earn a six to seven figure salary. I have been lucky to coach some great players in high school and college. Here are some that are still playing: Rod Mitchell, Frank Pinson, John Thomas, Yandel Brown, Deshawn Bowman, Kendrick Jones, Akeem Francis, Steve Robinson, and Jonqueveilin Turpin. Besides these players there are many who are not hooping but they are still professional businessman, fathers, and protectors of our democracy. These guys are the reason I am proud to be a coach (*giving the Terrell Owens lip quiver*).

Big man in small whip?

•February 19, 2008 • 1 Comment


I have been car shopping recently because the Chevy has been sick and trying to cut back on gas expenses. First I thought of getting an Acura Legend because that was the car I planned on purchasing 2 cars ago. Yes it was a luxury car with all the bells and whistles and it looks good on the outside but, it only gets 25 miles per gallon. Then I was thinking that I need to do a little better on the fuel mileage because I want to take my daughter to trips to Texas and DC. I wanted to stay with a Honda because they seem to be great cars lasting for years and years. So I have concluded that I am getting a Honda Civic. It gets 38-44 mile per gallon on the highway. The only issues is ummm, how do I say this?…I’m 80 inches tall and my daughter is destined to be an inch or three shorter than I. It should not bother me though. I DID drive a micro machine in Australia.

Leave it to the pros…or at least collegiates.

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Since it is the heart of basketball season I found some basketball clips… some hekka funny and some more serious: hear they go:

Material Guy

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It all started like this:

I was all uptight over the fact that my car started acting funny.  I was a week away from putting it up for sale for $4k.  Every day someone asks me for a selling price.  They always conclude the convo by saying, “that mofo is clean.”  It had been 2 days and I still could not figure out the issue.  I was all depressed because in the process, I acquired a major dent in the hood and the whole hood will need replacing.  Mom tried to cheer me up but to little avail.

But it ended like this:

Suddenly, I got a phone call about a serious family situation that just taken place.   My priorities were instantly put into perspective as I forgot all about my whip.  GOD put me in my place by showing me that material things will come and go while non tangible assets, such as love and family, are far more important.

I can get a hood at a junkyard for $100 anyway.

The apocalypse has to be near

•January 15, 2008 • 1 Comment


Geez. Where are our priorities?  There are millions of people starving and dying of AIDS but e-commerce is more important.

“Hey lets put this fiber optic cable over there.”

“Between those two corpses?”

“No. In between those three to the left.”